Alternative for iphone? "Virtual darkness"/bipolar disorder

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    I am a big fan of f.lux and I use it with windows.
    Well, due to a friend of mine who is suffering of a bipolar disorder we need to reduce strongly (or even block) blue light in time of manic episodes.
    There are already studies that show that a "virtual darkness" can be very helpfull at the time of a manic episode. We are using a programmable louvre with amber colored foils (e.g. lee filters/rosco) in order to delay the beginning of spring (when days are getting longer the risk of getting manic is much higher).
    We have bought amber glasses, but the problem is, when a manic episode beginns she might refuse wearing them - because she wants to enjoy the episode. That´s why we need something working automatically like f.lux. Well, and the range of color temperature of Night Shift isn´t just good enough.

    Does anyone know if there is an app for adjusting a color temperature of 1200 Kelvin (amber mode)? I wonder about the color temperature range of gamma thingy.

    Another problem is, that Night Shift switches off, when you are watching videos. Does gamma thingy or another app still keeps the color temperature adjusted, when you watch a video? In a manic episode she might watch a lot of videos.

  • We usually can't give advice about bipolar and recommend working with a psychiatrist.

    I do not know any way in the current iOS to automatically reduce the light levels when the end user doesn't want it to happen. Perhaps a role for their new potential parental controls?

    Generally I would recommend dimming (with automatic brightness turned on) as much as possible - this feature alone should be able to reduce the screen below a disruptive level. Also the Color Filters mode can be set to all red, but that isn't automatic.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    Well, we do work with a psychiatrist and he supports our additional measures and appreciates our observation of her strong light/darkness sensitiveness.
    Have you or anyone ever tried Gamma thingy? The most important question is wether you can adjust an "amber mode" of appr. 1200 K (and the automatic mode, of course.
    Unfortunetaly I can't find informations about it at google.
    You can only read that it should be a simple clone of f.lux (without the extra feature and the comfort)
    And yes: it has potential for parental control

  • f.lux and regular apps don't work automatically anymore on iOS (without a jailbreak).

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