Will not install ...

  • Downloaded f.lux twice and each time it got half-way through the install process and hangs up at Extract: flux.tre...100% and does not finish. I have an Asus laptop running Windows 7. Any ideas as to what to do to finish the install?

  • Open task manager.
    To do so you can right click the Taskbar in an empty area and click it.

    Another way is ctrl shift end

    Find flux.exe and end it if possible. Let me know if you can do that.

    If not then restart and try again.

  • boboprf: I don't know if timpster is on the right track, but he meant Ctrl+Shift+Esc is an alternative way to open Task Manager. Ctrl+Shift+End was a typo + brainfart all in one. hehe :)

    The right-clicking of the Taskbar method is simply this: right-click an empty spot on the Taskbar and choose "Start Task Manager".

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