Color temperature

  • How to change color temperature for the second time? It seems that I chose wrong temperature first time.. I'm using ubuntu..

  • :) the f.lux team does not take well to competition as my post got deleted!

    I understand it's hard to write for Linux as there is so much and so many updates but really If you would code for Ubuntu 12.04 which has about 2 years of support left you'd be done for a while.

  • f.lux team

    @timpster Posts that don't answer the question asked or that get too far off topic will be deleted - house rules. We are a small team so we need to keep things on topic.

  • Alright, that's agreed.

    I really wish Linux actually had research / development behind it from big companies, but until then I just can't use it, there's not even remotely enough support. And it's still hard to use, so I understand why you haven't developed much for Linux.

    It really does work well in Wine, just don't "expand the range", as it causes the colors to be more orange than usual.

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