Hardware color calibration

  • Hello all and excuse me if this is too basic. I've searched the forum and FAQ but I was not entirely clear on this topic.

    I intend to buy a hardware calibrator for my (prosumer) monitors in order to do photography processing. How will the color calibration be impacted by running f.lux? I believe the f.lux must be paused or quit while I work in Adobe Lightroom (photo processing software) but I fear that the calibration could be lost after running f.lux.

    Any idea on this?


    Andrei Rînea.

  • Quit f.lux before you calibrate your display, and then f.lux will use your calibration, and during the day it will be perfect. At night it's a good idea to disable f.lux if you're doing color critical work.

  • I use this program almost since its inception. It's perfect! My monitor is calibrated and icc profile for 6500K. When the sun goes down f.lux changes the temperature to 4200K color but the accuracy is lost. I wanted to ask the developers to add ability to select a color ICC profile (or e.g. grab current and save for each condition) for "day" and "night" separately. That would solve the problem for those who care about color accuracy. Thank you for your software!

  • Color accuracy can't be maintained when f.lux warms up the color temperature. In order to achieve color accuracy, f.lux should really be disabled. Or, just manually set it to 6500K until you're doing doing the color-sensitive work because it's the same end result.

    By the way, 4200K is still way too blue before going to sleep.

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