Mandatory Updates?

  • I was interested in installing your software until I read the part about mandatory forced updates.

    At least that's the way the fine print read to me.
    Is this correct?

    Perhaps I've misunderstood.

  • f.lux team

    On Windows and Mac, f.lux checks for updates automatically. On Windows, you may want to uncheck "Install updates automatically" and you will be prompted for each update and can skip it entirely.

    If you have stronger need for security than that, you can block update checks at the firewall and still use f.lux. Most customers who need this are enterprise, and in the future we'll have options for users who need a higher level of control.

    f.lux defaults to installing updates automatically, because when things go wrong with video drivers, f.lux can slow down your computer, and we like to be able to fix things like this quickly.

  • I would just like to say that I'm very much a power user and I have never had any problems with f.lux set to install updates automatically. You can look me up on to see just how much of a power user I am. ;) Seriously, the updates are very very very non-invasive and you don't know that they've been done until one day you notice that the version number is higher than before.

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