Suggestion: detect backlight and adjust brightness, like Calise (linux only)?

  • Flux already adjusts warmth according to your backlight, so why not brightness? I'm always fiddling with the brightness keys despite flux. Calise is an open source program that does this for Linux, and i would dearly love a windows alternative.

  • Yes, why not brightness? Every day I find myself fiddling with those brightness keys up in the morning and down in the evening, despite using flux.

    Why is there still no option to do this automatically in f.lux? I don't get that.

  • I agree! And before someone says flicker, I have a flicker-free monitor.

  • bump

    @f-lux-team: could you give us a short statement regarding this issue?

  • I hope my post could be useful to promote this new features. It would be great if f.lux will change the brightness of the screen while changes the temperature.

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