f.lux not compatible with Android Oreo 8.1

  • F.lux is causing glitches, system slowdowns and soft reboots on latest Android O 8.1 update.
    I had to factory reset my Nexus 6p to remove F.lux. I was not using any other night light app. Please fix this as there is no better night light app than F.lux on Play Store.
    Rooted Nexus 6P (angler)

  • @rds00 I'm having the same issues! Hopefully this can get fixed ASAP.

  • are you guys by any chance using magisk as the root solution? and the issue happened when you updated to v15 of magisk?
    I am on Nexus 6P as well, the graphical hangups also happened to me. I had to restart the phone and disable f.lux before the screen glitches.

  • @ahse0w Well I am using Magisk, but v15 was only released three days ago, so the issue would have started with v14.

  • @Diegoisawesome
    well I was on 8.1 before v15 got released. and only upon updating to v15, the issue happened. I had no problems with v14. xda forums didn't help much, there was only 1 reply from a person that was using f.lux, and the same thing happened to him on v15.

    i hope we can get someone's attention here to look into this issue though!

  • Android

    Also experiencing this issue!
    Rooted Nexus 6P currently running 8.1 (OPM3.171019.013, Jan 2018)
    Started with OPM1.171019.011, Dec 2017 when Magisk 14.6 came out.

    I'm currently using Cf.lumen as a replacement but it doesn't work as well as f.lux.

  • Agreed. With Chainfire leaving the Android scene, it would be great if f.lux could step in and fill the void that cf.lumen left. All other blue light filtering applications are just overlays, which is a total waste.

    f.lux - Please update your app!

  • @PierceHawthorne i have also switched to cf.lumen now that f.lux is not working. cf.lumen indeed is not comparable to flux with the color filtering.
    please f.lux, make your app work!

  • I'm also having severe issues with the app on Android O on my OnePlus 3. The UI is pretty rough, but it got the job done without any flickers or issues like with CF.lumen. Really wish the devs would keep us more closely updated on development or open the floor for outside help. Without any real updates minus a few forum posts here with any actual information for almost two years, starting to give up hope on this. If the app is still in development though, a way to manually adjust what sunlight phase is when would be really nice.

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