• After installing flux the hardware rotation lock button on my device (Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Windows 10) did nothing anymore. I checked in the settings and the concept of rotation seems to have completely disappeared from windows: The sidebar buttons can be customized but the rotation lock button which was there before has disappeared.
    Also if I type "rotation" in the search in settings in windows 10 it returns no results.
    I used the rotation lock/auto-rotate function constantly, installed flux (the only change I made) and it did not work anymore. I uninstalled flux and it is still gone (after restart).
    I have no idea how to set my computer to auto-rotate now!!!!


    And stop people from installing this software until this incredible bug, destroying windows, is fixed!

  • No, this is not something that f.lux does.

    Especially if you've uninstalled f.lux, it doesn't make very much sense to make a post like this.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.
    Event history: I am browsing online newspapers with my Yoga 3 as a tablet, I constantly turn auto-rotate on and off using the hardware button. I install flux. The hardware button does not work anymore. I did not do anything else. Flux changed something in my graphics driver.

    I attempted to reinstall the graphics driver (Intel HD 5300) hoping it would reset the problem. Now I get the message: "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer..."

    This is the correct driver from the lenovo support homepage for my computer and model. I was so daring and uninstalled the driver from the Remove/Add Programs. But it did not actually uninstall. It just does not show in the Remove/Add Programs anymore but is still installed. And I can still not reinstall it.

    So it is quite probable that flux broke my display driver - or it just decided to break itself exactly in the same 30 seconds I installed flux, after 3 years without problem.

    How should I post? Could you please advise how it makes sense to post here to get help for a problem flux caused? And if it wasn't flux, which is always a possibility, are there no recommendations you could make?

    I think it makes sense to post like this to warn people from something that can possibly mess up their whole system!

    Thank you for a more meaningful answer than the last one!

    Kind regards

  • @zenzen
    I also just saw that after the uninstall my display refresh rate was still at 48kHz. I am sure it was at 60kHz before. So flux does not reset the changes it makes at an uninstall. Searching the forum give the same impression...
    This setting at least I can change back manually. But I cannot be left stuck with Windows that has absolutely no auto-rotate function anymore anywhere. And I cannot be left stuck with a graphics driver that is installed but does not show anymore in the Add/Remove programs on the one hand and cannot be re-installed on the other. These are very grave things flux messed up here - and again: I did nothing other than install flux and opening le monde diplomatique on firefox with noscript on.

  • Did you reboot as part of the f.lux install?

    I really don't know anything about rotation, so I have to recommend looking if a Windows 10 update happened recently, and looking around on the Lenovo forums, where there seems to be a lot of activity on this issue. It is not a f.lux bug.

  • I think you said you uninstalled your video driver. This is a more likely cause than f.lux.

  • If you had a Windows 10 update near the same time, there is apparently a sensor driver that might get uninstalled:


    There are lots of threads like this with different fixes, but since f.lux does not make any driver-level changes (or interact with the Windows 10 tiles) I do not think we can cause a problem like this.

  • @herf
    I uninstalled my video driver after installing and uninstalling flux and after the problem occurred - in order to solve this problem. Uninstalling the video driver did not cause the disappearance of auto-rotation, it had already disappeared before I uninstalled it. And I could not uninstall nor re-install the video driver anyway. The uninstall just removed the entry in the Add/Remove Programs window. But right clicking the desktop still shows all Intel Graphics options.

  • Closing thread: issue not related to f.lux. Recommend contacting Lenovo support.

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