[Question] Secure settings instead of Root

  • Hello,

    As more and more apps can now use Secure settings through ADB in order to enable a feature that could only be possible with root in the past, I'm wondering if f.lux can work with this permission for users not wanting root.
    If not, what are the possibilities and limitations of Secure settings?

    Some background, I am using root since 2014 and used your app for the last 6 months (minus 2 of RMA waiting). I just got back my Nexus 6P from RMA and I'm trying -- for now -- to avoid rooting.. I'm on Oreo btw.

  • We need a graphics permission or a preferences permission to talk to the screen this way - do you know if we can "be" preferences with this plugin?

    It is not enough to run an adb command, unless you're root.

  • I don't understand why you say "plugin", it's an advanced android permission only toggleable with ADB (android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS).
    If I have correctly understood, f.lux works by removing blue not adding an overlay. If Settings app doesn't use an overlay for color inversion/color gamut / Daltonian colors,
    it might either use WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS or have a "system app" special access to do that. But I would lean on the latter :-/

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