Is LiveDisplay (in LineageOS) a reasonable substitute?

  • I've recently installed LineageOS 13 (equivalent to stock 6.0.1) on my rather elderly Galaxy Nexus. f.lux still doesn't work on it - I was disappointed, but not surprised. Yesterday however I was prompted by a notification to try the built-in LiveDisplay feature, which appears to have the same basic functionality as f.lux, including being able to choose colour temperatures for day and night.
    It certainly looks to be doing on my GNex what f.lux does on my Win10 box - do you know whether it in fact has the same sleep health benefits (ie reduces blue light)?

  • In my experience, it acts very similarly to f.lux, and is an acceptable substitute. I used it on CyanogenMod on a Xiaomi Mi 4 (or maybe it was a Mi 3...). It's different from Twilight in that it is not just reducing brightness and slapping on a red overlay :thumbsup:

  • Thanks - I figured a baked-in system feature with colour temperature settings had a fighting chance of doing what it says. :)

  • We haven't measured this yet, so I can't give you a real answer. Most of the copies we've seen are really mild and don't remove all that much light, so we recommend dimming your screen all the way at night. This will go a long way to help (on top of any intervention).

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