Why, WHY can't I just adjust the timers myself?

  • Why, WHY ON EARTH do you not trust the user to know when it is time for bed / time to adjust the color?

    Why can't I just a pick a :anger_right: clock time when I want the program to change the color?

    I just want it to dim the colors & disable itself at THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY - I DO NO WANT the :anger_right: "tell us where your location is & we will know better than you when you want to go to bed"

    I am NOT giving a single donation to you until you fix this :anger_right: thing to stop adjusting the "night-time"-time every time the earth moves. I do not give a :anger_right: about the summer or the winter, and I really don't want the program to start telling me that it's time to change the dim-timer because the program thinks it knows better than me.

    This program sucks :anger_right: when you are living far away from the equator - it's constantly trying to change the :anger_right: time it changes the light.


  • f.lux team

    Post edited to remove some profanity - this forum is read by people of all ages so we ask that you keep the language in your posts family friendly.

    If you would like to respond with the schedule you prefer, we'd be happy to help you work it out. We want to hear how people want to use the software, but we do not offer a clock-based scheduler at this time.

    If you are looking for a clock-based solution that you control you may be more interested in the various options that operating systems are providing. f.lux works differently by providing a schedule based on circadian research. Our approach may not be right for what you want to do.

  • @täystollo There are some interesting posts on this forum that discuss the importance of the seasons, and length of night / day. If we didn't have bright artificial lights as the norm now (yes it's basically the norm, especially for office and even school / college lighting in the evening), we would be much sleepier as the sun went down, and it would have a currently unknown effect on our health.

    I like the idea of exploring the effects of turning out the light earlier--you can still have fun and hang out, just don't turn on any bright white lights like daylight or "cool white" colored lights. Have soft dim lighting, and just relax more as the sun has set and that's our expected behavior. Think! This has only affected us (lighting at night--and dim lighting indoors during daylight) for less than, LESS THAN 100 years for that second part. Well maybe if you stayed in a cave all day... I guess it's difficult to really speculate there.

    We do know that fire only gets so bright, even a wildfire, and 150 years ago, we didn't have bright lights at night, so it could never interfere with our sleep. We've brought upon a very major change in our lives that we just completely don't care about because we think we can just do whatever we want, and carry on.

    Certain cancers are being linked to the night shift having a role in health, here's a link from pubmed to a whole bunch of other links to research papers regarding just breast cancer to night shift work:


    You may think that lights are not as important regarding sleep to other things like just relaxing or not eating late or a sweet snack, but it seems there is more to this than just sleep.

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