f.lux still sets colors even when disabled

  • f.lux will continue to set the colors even when it is disabled. It will set them to the normal colors, but it keeps doing so until it is completely shut down. This is a problem.

    An example of when this causes problems is when you want to adjust the gamma of the screen to be able to see something dark. You might use hotkeys for the graphics-card drivers or a program or whatever, and adjust the gamma (or other colors). This works fine, but when f.lux is running, even if it is disabled, after a few seconds, the colors suddenly snap back to normal because f.lux is still setting the colors.

    When f.lux is disabled, it should not be adjusting the screen colors; it should not do anything at all other than to wait to be re-enabled, it should be completely idle as far as colors are concerned.

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