is Galaxy s5 in f.lux support order?

  • ingenuous thinking is behind this app, moreover after reading this article (!id=iPad Pro/6500K-iPad Pro) I'm totally sure you guys know what your doing.
    I have a bit of problem though, and i already know that you know f.lux doesn't work on Samsung. I just hope you can fix this sooner.
    my device: galaxy s5, android V5.0.1, rooted and f.lux has been granted the SU permission, it starts fine and find my location but nothing happen to screen.

    I must thank you for PC version it is just great and again thanks for your effort.

  • I agree Is there a Galaxy S5 f.Luxl support Order in the works? Please, please please!

  • just upgraded to android 6.0.1, rooted and tested to no avail. still waiting impatiently for android version.
    aside from android, i used f.lux on CRT, LCD and two model of laptops. it works wonders on CRT and LED displays, unfortunately LCD (Samsung 740N 17" display) view is awful, nothing near eye comforting. view angle is affected, colors changed beyond recognition, etc. i think LCD technology is not that good to even consider tempering with but f.lux developers can focus on more common platforms like LED and AMOLED perhaps.

    again great job guys and good luck to you.

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