Help with xflux uninstalling

  • Hello everyone I am having an issue with removing xflux from my machine, I downloaded it from the xflux-pre.tgz and followed the install instructions building from source I believe.. How ever when I run xflux -k 6500 trying to make my screen bright again, it does nothing.. Returns prompt as if I had ran xflux alone.
    I cant uninstall via apt or apt-get purge it says theres no package... I am tired of having a damn red screen in the middle of the day.... I am running ubuntu 16.04 lts on laptop and desktop, and the funny part is I have flux installed on my desktop and it works just fine, No error about bit's, but I cant use it on laptop for what ever reason... Any help would be appreciated..
    New to linux but not new to command line.. I've been using windows & git bash for the last 2 years.. But I am a noob when it comes to linux..
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    Thanks guys
    -Just Another WannaBe Hacker

  • I am so fkn stupid. I installed via flux-pre.tgz
    I then copied the file to /usr/bin. And no wonder I couldnt uninstall it via apt or apt-get because I didnt use a package manager to install. So of course it would say package not found.

    Flux on linux is a stand alone program and if you downloaded it from .tgz then copied it to /usr/bin, All you need to do to remove flux via terminal is, <code> sudo rm /usr/bin/xflux</code> Try to run flux in terminal and you will get no response. There fore uninstalled!

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