Another request for customisable hours..

  • I like f.lux very much - as a software dev myself using the computer for many hours each day, it makes a big difference to my eyes.

    However, I would very much like to be able to set the transition time to sunrise +/- X minutes, and sunset +/- Y minutes.

    Reason for this is that at sunset, the colour temperature of daylight stays very blue. Since I don't start using artificial light with its lower colour temperature until some time after sunset, the screen changes first and clashes with the daylight. I find I need to switch off f.lux for about half an hour.

    Similarly at sunrise - until it's bright enough outside, I'm still using artificial light so I like to delay the screen change back to daylight settings.

    So being able to set the transition time to SS +/- X and SR +/- Y would help greatly. I'd use about +30 in each case but it would be nice to have the control.

    It seems to me that it would be a change to the UI (for entering X and Y), a config file change (to store X and Y locally), and a modified time comparison for checking the computer time against SS/SR +/- X/Y rather than SS/SR itself. Seems to be a not too difficult change to me!

    Anyway, my thanks for the product - it would be great if you could consider this enhancement.

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