Can't connect F.lux to Phillips Hue

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    So I just set up Phillips Hue in my flat today, mainly because I was hoping to link it up to F.lux (I love F.lux!). However when I try to sync I get no beeping, and if I go and press the button on my Hue bridge anyway, they don't sync. My computer and my Hue bridge are both connected to the same port switch via ethernet, however the router is in the building next door.

    Is there anyway to get this working?


  • Hi - you should try the new version (v4) because it supports the new Philips Hue bridge and lamp types.

    Download again at

  • @herf Hello! Thank you so much. I just downloaded and it worked first time! The new night time setting is a lot more red than the old one, is there a reason that this is the new recommended setting?

  • Yep, we think the old one wasn't strong enough to remove the sleep-related effects of light from newer displays, so we turned it up. It's what we've been doing on the Mac for several years, and for some people, it's probably too much. But basically we think lighting should look more like this (firelight at night), so with Hue you could see what you think.

    We wrote a bit about this change on the "bigupdate" page here:

    You can turn it back pretty easily, and if you dim your screen you're just fine.

    Hue will for the most part match your screen settings - we usually make the Hue lights a little warmer than the screen. However, the Hue feature will not disable because we designed it to use for your whole house, and not just the room you're using the screen in. There's more to do here in the future.

  • @herf Thank you very much for all the information, this has been extremely helpful!

    I have a question about what happens after my computer has been turned off. Will the F.lux schedule still be maintained if I don't change any other settings, or does my computer need to be on at all times in order for it to be running?


  • We are looking for ways, so right now your computer has to be on (especially to handle the "lightswitch on" case).

    The built-in schedules don't change frequently enough to do what f.lux is doing exactly, but we may be able to approximate it on the bridge in the future.

  • @herf Ok, that would be a great a feature, so fingers crossed for that soon! :)

    How about linking Hue up to the Flux android app? Is there functionality for that at the moment?

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