Thank you assholes

  • Thank you assholes for taking a good product, Version 3, and turning it into a piece-of-shit, aka Version 4.

  • Care to elaborate?

  • I wouldn't use the same strong language as OP although it's kinda how I feel right now.

    My f.lux seems to have automatically updated to v4 yesterday :

    Good thing : I can finally change the colour temperature to the reddest setting before the sun has set.

    Bad thing : it bugs. I've let my computer unattended twice (before & after sunset), and twice I found it with a blindingly bright screen. I thought f.lux had crashed, but no, I somehow had to manually right click on the taskbar icon and change the colour temperature.
    I don't know if and how it's related to Windows' standby mode, but what I do know is that none of this happened with the previous version of f.lux. And I haven't changed any Windows setting in the meantime. It can only come from f.lux.

    So please look at how v3 worked and just copy that into v4. The fact that it randomly exits the specified temp colours is a big issue.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I agree the language and attitude is not necessary, but I too am confused. I think I remember seeing a "What's new" screen upon update, but now I can't find it or patch notes to explain all that's changed and how to customize it. It's quite disorienting.

  • The landing page for v3 users is here:

    @Spede-Pasanen are you seeing problems when the machine wakes up? We had a long beta hoping to fix all of these cases. Can you post your OS version and driver version, if you can see it?

  • @herf It seems to happen mostly when the machine wakes up, yes.

    I already had a slight troubles with the v3 when upon waking up (actually only the screen was turned off), the screen would quickly revert to non-flux settings for a few seconds.
    It went like this : black screen -> flux-enabled screen (2 seconds) -> flux-disabled screen (2 secs.) -> flux-enabled screen (permanent).
    But that was a minor disagreement so I just lived with it.

    Now with the v4 it "flux disabled" sequence comes right after the black screen, and does not automatically reverts to "flux enabled". I have to do it manually. And that's not pleasant at all when my normal setting at night is Ember.

    OS : Windows 7 SP1.
    Graphics : integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, driver version

  • That driver looks extremely old (2010?) - looks like they shipped v4229 in 2015 - would try updating...

  • Hello, I always want to set the color manually because "time of day" isn't good for me. Sometimes I'm in a building with no windows. Other times, I am in a windows building but I close the curtains so it's not "broad daylight". That is why I want to set it manually.

    I don't mind having to now change 3 slider bars instead of one -- that is not the question. The issue is --

    Why, when I have all 3 bars set to the same thing, is there an abrupt color change 7.5 hours before "wake up" time? What setting is it changing to, if not one of the 3 slider bars I've chosen (which are all set to the same thing, so I shouldn't see any change)?

  • @Antonio-David there really should not be one - is it showing this in the graph? Maybe post a screenshot...

  • @herf I kept the graph to be a flat line that didn't fluctuate with any time of day. I could be wrong about the "7.5hrs before wakeup" diagnosis -- my observation was actually the crossing from 11:59pm into 12:00am.

  • f.lux does its calculations in UTC (basically Greenwich Mean Time) so there should not be any crazy bugs around midnight. How long does this problem last?

  • I realize I posted in the "thank you assholes" thread, whoops. I was just looking to see if anyone was having my problem, before voicing my issue. Anyway, in fairness I will be vocal in saying "thanks" -- I've been using f.lux and recommending it to people for a while. Keep it up!

    In response to "How long does this problem last?" -- I don't give it a chance to see how long it lasts, I just immediately reset it to what I want. No worries.

  • I am impressed with your support by the way. <1min response time to my initial inquiry. Good job!

  • haha yeah sometimes I do a lot of it at once.
    Keep us posted if you find any more animation bugs, but maybe make a new thread. ;)

  • @herf Maybe. But how do you explain that v3 worked perfectly and v4 is bugging ? Is the new version more taxing in some way ? Using some supposedly recent features from the host system ?

  • @Spede-Pasanen our main complaint about v3 was that f.lux caused too much impact for games...because we were constantly looking for exactly this series video card and driver bug. It has two unique problems: 1. it forgets color settings on sleep and 2. it prevents you from fixing the problem without some extra effort.

    We started backing off polling (checking) in the background and did it only sometimes, and we thought we had kept enough of the polling to fix it - and actually, v4 works with newer drivers.

    My recommendation is either to update your drivers to something more recent than 2010 or to install our old version instead, which will still keep polling all the time:

  • @herf I see, thank you for the explanation. I will try updating the drivers, and if that doesn't solve my issue, I'll revert to the old version in your link. Cheers :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @herf Update : it appears that the new drivers have indeed solved my issue. Thank you !

  • Happy that worked for you. Closing this topic - please look for the Version 3>4 upgrade thread for additional questions.

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