Quit f.lux before deleting files?

  • I read this in the "Welcome to f.lux for macOS" instructions.

    Quit f.lux
    This will quit the f.lux process and remove the f.lux icon from your menubar. Always quit f.lux before uninstalling or deleting files.

    Do I really need to quit f.lux every time I want to delete a file from my computer? That would be hard to remember and seems like a lot of trouble to go to. I hope I'm misunderstanding this instruction as I often need to delete document and picture files and don't want to have to quit f.lux each time. I already deleted a couple the other day and haven't noticed any problems with f.lux or my computer.

    Please advise.

  • It should be clearer, yeah, but it's referring to uninstalling f.lux or deleting any f.lux files. In other words:

    "Always quit f.lux before uninstalling it or deleting any f.lux-related files."

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