will f.lux become available on Cydia for IOS 9.02?

  • I used f.lux in the past and am really missing it. So I was very pleased to see that finally Cydia is usable on IOS 9.02 now. Went there to get beloved f.lux but no version for IOS > 8.4?

    When is this expected to change? Think I´m not the only one who´d love to use f.lux again ;)

  • f.lux team

    It's available now. You might want to make sure you have our beta repo, justgetflux.com/cydia - and if you're using 9 on a 6s give it a little while before you update, we're still ironing out some kinks

  • @lorna Thank you for your hardwork. Looking forward to f.lux without Jailbreak'ing on iOS 9!

  • That was pretty much faster than expected. Thanks a bunch!
    Working without any problems on Iphone 5 IOS 9.02. Great to be able to look at a screen again, which wont burn my eyes out in the dark :)

  • Thanks @lorna, do you plan on posting here when the 6s version is ready for primetime? Thanks!

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