xflux not fluxing in debian (testing - stretch)

  • I managed to get the f.lux indicator applet preferences window up, but temperature does not change with preview button press. Any ideas?

    I installed with the instructions from the xflux-gui github README.md:

    # Install dependencies
    sudo apt-get install git python-appindicator python-xdg python-pexpect python-gconf python-gtk2 python-glade2 libxxf86vm1
    # Download xflux-gui
    cd /tmp
    git clone "https://github.com/xflux-gui/xflux-gui.git"
    cd xflux-gui
    python download-xflux.py
    # EITHER install globally
    sudo python setup.py install
    # EXCLUSIVE OR, install in your home directory. The binary installs
    # into ~/.local/bin, so be sure to add that to your PATH if installing locally.
    python setup.py install --user
    # Run flux

  • Try to see if it's related to this issue by running the program through terminal and watching the output.
    If it is, try the xflux11 or xflux12 binaries first. If those work for you, make sure to post that in the thread as well.

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