Very frustrating problem

  • Hello,

    Thank you for creating and maintaining this wonderful product. I have f.lux on my work PC, but it is not working on an identical instance of the work PC for home office use. Literally, identical hardware and software configuration, but f.lux simply won't work.
    We've tried un-installing and re-installing f.lux, using the beta version, updating the graphics card drivers, and even changing the monitor cable. System configuration is below.

    • Lenovo PC
    • Windows 7 Enterprise using Service Pack 1
    • NVIDIA Quadro K1200 graphics card with driver version

    Please help! Thank you!

  • Hi - is the NVIDIA card the only one in Device Manager > Display Adapters?

    It is possible sometimes to have an older Intel driver even though the NVIDIA one is up to date.

  • @herf

    Thanks for your prompt reply! There is another device listed under Display Adapters. It is a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" with driver 6.1.7600.16385 from Microsoft.

  • This one is usually used only when installing Windows (and they don't support color calibration). It is not a "real" GPU driver. Do you use the machine for intense 3-D work (like that really uses the Quadro?) or is it possible that the whole machine is using the "VGA" adapter?

  • Apologies for the delayed response here. I am quite certain that the machine is not using the VGA adapter. Any ideas what else it could be?

  • Well try removing it, to start.
    That adapter does not support color transforms, so it is the first place to look.

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