F.lux flashes with increasing speed while using the Netflix app

  • Hi all. I recently downloaded f.lux and so far it has been awesome. I watch netflix on my laptop while going to sleep, so it really helps me fall asleep easier. Anyway, after about a week of use, it's begun to act up while accessing content on Netflix. It will work totally fine while browsing videos, but the problem begins when any of them play. It starts out slowly brightening to normal screen brightness, then dropping back to the Ember setting I have f.lux currently at, then continuously doing this, but at increasing speeds til it reaches a constant flashing. I read the FAQ and troubleshooting tips, and even googled around, but was unable to find a similar issue. I also double checked to make sure that all my drivers were up to date, and they are. Anyone have any solutions? I have a Tpshiba Satellite C55B in case that helps

  • Toshiba Satellite C55-B, Intel Pentium N3530 Processor 2.16GHz, 8 GB RAM,64 bit OS. F.lux is in Fast Transition.

  • Can you try looking for a driver update for the Intel GPU?

  • Hi. Just got around to checking out my Graphics driver, and the Properties state that the version downloaded is from 2014. I downloaded the newest one (from ten days ago) and my computer isn't recognizing the new driver in my Downloads, and continuously says that the driver is indeed up to date. So now I have to get this issue handled. Once I do I'll return with an update.

  • So new update: Checked in at the Intel and Toshiba websites, apparently the driver is a custom manufacturer driver (which I should have picked up on when I saw that in the Intel Driver Update, need to stop doing this so late at night) and there is no new version of the driver available. All other drivers up to date as well.

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