Looking for 90*+ CRI daylight white LED bulbs

  • I would like to get rid of the off color of daylight CFLs and replace them with LED bulbs of much higher light quality. I just can't get any data on the color spectrum of each brand / model LED bulb--which is the only way I can determine if it's any better. I know the general format of LED spectrum: the usual down slope of red, dips in the cyan, and that small narrow spike of blue that ruins everything to my eyes, and unbalances the color.

    I'm looking for something like SORAA LED bulbs but it the normal omni-directional, or actually cheaper models. If anyone is aware of the existence of such a light, I'd be very glad.

  • f.lux team

    There are quite a few at 90-93 CRI (like Cree Truewhite), but if you need 95+ you are spending a lot more money for Soraa or Yuji or something special like that.

    I agree Cree truewhite has a visual blue pop...not described well by CRI.

  • @herf I would be fine with 90 CRI, it's a lot better than most fluorescent and most common 80 CRI led bulbs. Would you have time to help me find the different brands that offer them?

    I've seen SORAA 90 CRI I think they are called brilliant, instead of vivid, and there is also green creative. The main issue is they don't seem to offer globe shapes, and only flood lights. If you could help me find brands that offer the omni directional light, that would be great. I can find cheaper bulk packs of SORAA lamps on ebay, but I'm not wanting a 10 pack of lights.