Why is 3.10 showing 37.4M I/O Read

  • Just noticed that flux.exe from 3.10 on Win7 x64 Pro shows that it has 37.4MB of I/O read over a period of about 12 hours. Why is it reading so much data and what is this program up to?

  • Hey, I think this should be only at startup.

    We are reading tons of little resources out of a resource file, and whenever we read, say, 8 bytes, our library reads 32k, and then we do it again and again - amplifying the small resource file to several MB.

    This turns out not to really affect performance much because the file is all cached in RAM, but it does look like we're reading a lot more than we are.

  • @Frustrate Are you aware that there is a f.lux beta (version 4.41)? It's got a ton of new features, and I've not run into any issues.

  • We made v4 the main download, it is slowly coming out of beta.

    But this is a non-issue. You have 10GB/sec of memory bandwidth, and this is a 1MB file. We could optimize it to look better, but it is <1ms of real CPU time.

  • Yeah, 37.4 MB is nothing.

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