How to root Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

  • Do you have any problem with your Galaxy S7 Edge? Want to root it to get things solved and get your smartphone back to its default settings? If your answer is Yes, then. You’re on the right place at the right time. To get your Samsung galaxy s7 edge root easily, follow the given guidelines.


    Requirements for the Pre- Root:
    If you know the necessity of rooting your smartphone, then you may have to know about something which you should make sure are done or are ready before rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

    • You should have USB driver that needed to be installed on the PC before getting the root process started.

    • You should confirm it first that you have made a backup of all of your necessary/ important data in your Galaxy S7 Edge before getting the process started.

    • You should ensure that the smartphone’s battery should be at least 80% or above for the process to be done smoothly.
    After knowing and ensuring all the above points, you’re ready to root your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. We can now move on to the next step of how to root. The following are the steps of the rooting process.

    1. First of all you have to extract the downloaded files into a folder. It will be used in the process later.

    2. Then, you have to enable the developer option on your S7 edge by navigating Settings> About phone, and then tapping the build no. more or less than five times.

    3. After enabling the developer options you have to enable the OEM unlock on your S7 edge that can be accessed under the developer options that you have just enabled.

    4. After completing the first 2 steps, what you will have to do is to power off your cell and then reboot it into download mode by holding the lower volume, home and power buttons at the same time.

    5. By doing this, your S7 edge will be completely ready to get rooted, now you have to launch Odin on your PC.

    6. Now plug your S7 edge to the PC using a data cable while being in download mode, your smartphone will be detected when Odin will show a notification of it.

    7. Now you will have to click the AP button given in the Odin and select the file that got extracted in the first step.

    8. After confirming that everything is done properly, click Install to get the installation of the file started, this might take a few minutes, so you don’t need to get hyper or interrupt the process, be patient and let it installed completely.
      After getting the installation completed, you might now can disconnect your Samsung Galaxy S7 from your PC to finalize the rooting process.

    Download APK

  • Unfortunately, If you are Sprint user, they disconnect your cellular service If you tried to root your phone. This problem faced by my friend. If you using another carrier service, then you can easily root your Galaxy s7 Edge by following these 10 easy steps.

  • @channabgc On the Other hands, to root your Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, here you can choose the way to root your Android phone with PC or without PC.

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