How to transfer apps to new phone?

  • I installed f.lux on my old iPhone 6 last year and it has been working nice without too many problems except a crash at the beginning of this year. But later I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version. It has been working good so far. Thanks for developing such a great app and making it so considerate.

    Now I am planning to upgrade my iPhone 6 to the new model, iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8. I have not yet decided which to take. I am thinking about that. My intention is for iPhone 8 but if I decide to take that I have to wait till September. It will be another 2 months or longer, who knows? Now the question facing me is whichever I take, I will need to transfer apps to new phone.

    After having using f.lux for such a long time, I get used to the preferences and settings I made to the app. So I would like it to be the same on the new iPhone. But as you know, it takes time to set it up and sometimes you just don't get it right as it is on the old iPhone. I wonder if there is a way that enables me to transfer data from old phone to new phone with all settings and preferences reserved.

    I am not sure if it works if I sync the app to the new iPhone. Maybe! But there is another thing that upsets me: will the syncing be completed? The whole file size of the app is really large and can take up a large portion of iCloud storage, without other data included. So I need a secure solution that ensures all data and settings be transferred. I googled that and they suggested me to use a third-party phone to phone data transfer app. Haven’t tried that yet, maybe later and I will let you know if it will work.

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