Custom time

  • Custom hours. People are writing you this all the time. Enable custom hours! Please!

    My vision is that in settings, you can set:

    Daytime starts: 5AM
    Sunset starts: 8PM
    Bedtime starts: 10PM
    Transition speed: Immediate | fast | slow (as it is now)
    And be able to customize those temperatures. As it is now.

    The only thing you're missing and everyone would be happy are those custom times. PLEASE!

    I don't want to use Microsoft for more things I must. I love your app but this is a dealbreaker. If I'm able like some miracle to somehow specify timezone so that the Sunset starts at 8PM, I need to disable F.Lux every morning. Because it's bedtime... But I need to be awake.

  • f.lux team

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