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  • Hello everyone,

    I am having similar issues as some other users: I am living in Europa, my System Time is correct (Win10) and the location entered at the beginning was found by the software. However, the software thinks the sun has already set for two hourse when it´s only half past 1 p.m. On the main homepage of f.lux, a notice on top appears notifying me that my system clock is 361 minutes away from the f.lux server and thus time settings could be wrong. I should correct this in the system preferences. Now I ask myself what´s the use of specifying my location when it wants me to sync my clock with the f.lux server clock? Doesn´t make sense. Unless this is fixed, I have to run the program (which I like a lot) in "manual" mode.!0_1499535799473_f.lux screenshot.JPG

    I am also already using the beat Version of the program.

    Any new suggestiones?

    thanks and take care,

  • Even if your clock says the "right time" (e.g., it's 7AM) what this means usually is that your computer is in the wrong timezone.

    For instance, if you told your computer you're in USA Eastern time, and it said "7AM" it would actually be set to the wrong time (because even if it's 7AM where you are, it's not 7AM in the eastern US right now).

    So the fix is to find the "Date & Time" settings page and fix the timezone, or set it to automatic and see if that works.

    Go to "Settings" and find a setting "Date & Time" or "timezone" and see if you can figure out what's up...

  • I have the same problem.
    I live in Toronto and my timezone is set to (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US&Canada) but my sunrise and sunset times are reversed.
    On the main page, I also get the message saying "Your system clock is 735 minutes away from our server...etc"
    How should I fix this?

    EDIT: I fixed it by going to the time&date menu and just toggled set time/timezone off and back on, guess it allowed the system to re-calibrate itself.

  • Is it possible you have AM/PM swapped?

  • I think you should change the Time Zone for your Windows according to your place. This might fix the issue. You can take help from this article which guides us on how to fix wrong time in Windows 10 here:-

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