Windows Update V1703 Build 15063.413 - Flux not working

  • Howdy,

    Just updated to Windows V1703 Build 15063.413.
    Flux started and wasn't working. Noticed the colour range was reduced so made the change and restart required to expand it. Flux still ain't working, tried launching it as admin, no luck.
    00:34am, I've work to do and the time it took to register and post here already has my eyeballs bleeding.

    Anyone else get this issue with this update?


  • Are you using the beta version (v4) or the regular v3 version?

    Maybe uninstall and install again? Check your location?

  • Can you see if your display has the basic graphics adapter, or if it has a real driver (Intel, NVIDIA, etc.)

    If it's a real driver, can you post the version?

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