localization or language pak?

  • Hi! Thx for your brilliant product!
    I've been using f.lux for months, and I'd like to teach my parents to use it, but THEY DON'T READ ENGLISH!

    (So far as they don't read English at all, they simply don't like to read anything with English in it.......If you can understand their world, you will know that they won't even open the software if it's displayed in English~ no matter how easy-to-use it is.....)

    Do you have any localization plan to provide different language versions or language packs for users from non-English speaking country?

  • Please forgive the unsolicited reply, but tell them that they will never need to look at the program. All they will have to do is allow you to install it, explain to them what it will be doing for them from now on, and then that's it. It's an Install-It-And-Forget-It program. You install it, and then you never have to look at it ever again.