After installing flux my screen has like a "filter" on it that increase the brightness a lot and i don't know how to remove it.

  • So, my screen, like i said in the title, has like a "filter" that increase the brightness and it's bothering me for almost two months now because it's so high it's hurting my eyes and it started when i installed flux because before that i didn't had any problems. Even if i uninstall flux the brightness remains the same. I've tried reinstalling my graphics drivers, and i was looking all over for a solution, but couldn't find anything. Can you guys help me please?

    PS. (It's not the adaptive brightness of my display because i didn't had this problem before installing flux)

  • We've had a couple people (with LG monitors) who have a color profile installed that actually says to do this. We think these profiles are mistakes from the manufacturer, because they should not be this way.

    Check your Color Management control panel and see if you can remove or change the profile, and then restart f.lux?

  • I don't have any profiles on the Color management panel. The thing is that it happened after i installed flux, and now even if i uninstall it or reinstall it the problem is still here, it's really annoying

  • @Cri1654 Can you post details about your monitor, your operating system, your video card and drivers?

  • My GPU is a Radeon hd 7700 series (I think it is the 7790 not perfectly sure) and my driver version is the 17.5.2
    My OS is Windows 10
    My monitor is the Asus VX238H 23''

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