F.lux with borderless fullscreen games

  • I see F.lux is unable to work on full screen games. That's a shame, because a rather large number of games seem to be incompatible with the Borderless Gaming app. By the way, is it possible to put a screen filter over a game? If so, it may be a less effective, but better-than-nothing alternative. What do you think?

    Ahem. Back to the main topic. When I play borderless fullscreen games, F.lux seems to work. However, when I alt-tab out of said game, F.lux is disabled for about half a second and flashes back on afterwards. That's a rather unpleasant flash of blue light into my eyes. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

  • Funny enough, I tried out the app you mentioned solely bc f.lux doesn't work with fullscreen... It's troubling bc the color temperature of my screen is awfully blue even for daytime. I have f.lux keeping the color warm at all times and it's a real bummer when a game uses true fullscreen...

    I made this account in hopes that I could ask for an update on the matter, but apparently, there's none... I saw on an older post that this is a problem with the games, not f.lux, but it behaves oddly in that case. For instance, as I was trying to make The Last Remnant work with borderless fullscreen, I accidentally set it to fullscreen. F.lux kept itself on as the game jumped to fullscreen but immediately turned off again after I reverted back to windowed mode. Same thing for a bunch of other games. I never had any problems with games that have a built-in option for borderless fullscreen, though (FFXIV, God Eater, PSO2).

    And in some rare cases, f.lux will remain functional when real fullscreen games launch, but it'll turn itself off immediately after the game is closed. It's a bummer having to activate it over and over again. I wish there was anything we could do to fix this manually... My previous computer used Dell True Color and I never had any problems like the ones I'm having with this program. Unfortunately, my new computer didn't come with True Color and Dell doesn't seem to provide a standalone download...

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