Install f.lux via Xcode?

  • Hi,

    will it be possible to install f.lux via Xcode in iOS 9? There are some other tools doing similar Thinges since the release of iOS 9 but I would prefere to use the real f.lux on my mobile devices ;-)

  • On ios you can jailbreak with evasi0n and install f.lux with the Cydia program it adds. This is actually listed in the FAQ:

    O.K. well it was, but I certainly understand why it is not anymore:
    Go email apple that you really want f.lux on their devices--they don't have to even change anything, they could just use the program that's on the jailbreak method, it works great.

  • Yes this is possibly possible. Please watch this space for more details.

  • I saw in Twitter that you are searching beta testers for the f.lux app. i am currently using a iPhone 6 s Plus 128 GB and are very keen on beta testing. Actually I am using 2 side load apps to get the f.lux effect as close as possible in my device.

    I often work at night and using f,lux on my Macs and it makes me crazy that I cannot use it actually on my phone :-(

  • @judgetom no, we have not posted this, where did you see it?

  • @lorna was a twitter account f.lux App @fluxiOSApp - now the account is offline. Was approx. 6 days ago. Try to find it on my time-line and will provide a screenshot if I am successful.

  • Oh, yes. That was taken down because it's not us -a couple people got confused about how company names work and started calling their project f.lux. But it's not.

    If you're planning to use f.lux I would recommend against using side loaded apps that claim to be f.lux or like f.lux. especially with the updates and jailbreaks going on. There are a lot of interesting ways to screw up a screen and for the last four years or so we've been putting in protections against most of them in the official app.If you want to follow us on twitter, you can get us at - dev twitter handles are @herf and @lorna and nothing else anywhere is really f.lux.

  • @lorna ah ok interesting to know - so let's get jailbreaked and waiting for a compatible version for the iPhone 6S Plus - Hell that will rock !!!!

  • We will have goodies for you soon

  • @lorna great to hear - cannot wait to hear updates

  • @lorna Yahoo! I literally only Jailbreak for f.lux so this is great news!

  • @denumerable iCleaner is a great app, I'm surprised we have to jailbreak to get it.

  • @lorna oh? i just got my 6s and have held off on the jb due to the newness of the actual jb and the state of tweaks os9 compatibility. anyhow, i too sideloaded one of the couple not-quite-f.lux and actually got here looking for source to do just this. count me in as an eager beta tester, if that helps. (typing on a mbp which of course like all my other devices (iPad isn't on 9 yet) is running f.lux.)

  • @lorna If you need a beta tester - I am the man (2 iMacs, 2 MBP, 2 iPhone 6s Plus 128 GB and one iPad Air) - Apple addicted

  • @lorna said:

    We will have goodies for you soon

    Already any updates regarding you announcement? Cannot wait if you are presenting a side load version.........

  • @judgetom ditto! Just registered to say the same! I sideloaded GammaThingy but it's not quite F.Lux. I want to sideload F.Lux!

  • this is a bit of an echo, but I've also just joined the forum to say i'd be really interested in an x-code loading f.lux PP for iOS 9.x
    Love the app on my iMac, and it bugs me not to have my iPad work the same. I have an iPad 2 and 3 if it makes any difference.


  • I love f.lux - it's one of only a few tweaks I jb for, and the only one I can't live without. I'd love to see an xCode installable package! Is there any news on this?

  • We're gonna have to do something with this new iPad pro. That sucker is bright.

  • OK guys, get to work.

  • Just saw the tweet, registered to post and follow this thread.


  • What is the outlook for updates via this method? Is it a rebuild/reinstall every time?

  • Yes for now that's how it will work - there's a daily check for updates and whenever one is available you'll get a note at the bottom of the app screen. But you have to do the build process again.

  • Hi, my install on my iPad Air 2 went without a hitch. Thanks.

    However, when I followed the same steps for my older (3rd gen) iPad (64Gb, 3G with no sim, but connected to wifi, iOS 9.1 (13B143)) the app fails when opened.

    These are the symptoms:
    The app icon is present on the last screen. Hit app icon and the app loads. The white splash screen is visible for less than half a second and the screen then goes black. The iPad is still running and the app doesn't crash. Double clicking the home button gives the normal response and f.lux is present as a totally black featureless screen. It can be swiped away. The same results occur regardless of screen orientation. A four-fingered swipe takes me to other apps ok.

    Hopefully this helps. I will probably delete and reinstall to see the results.


  • Does it work better after a reboot?
    This is no good - same code as the version we have been shipping for years. Hmm.

  • Do I have to leave the app in the background (with push notifications enabled and background refresh enabled) to let the magic work?
    Does iOS kick f.lux from memory when I play some resource intensive games?

  • Yeah it kicks us and brings us back. Notifications are good to leave on - but you can turn off the notification center ones.

  • @herf I have rebooted. Same result. No other apps running, no jailbreak or anything weird with the iPad, except no sim card.

    I have about 2 hours to go until sunset, so will keep trying on this build through the changeover. In the morning, I will delete and recompile and report back.

  • @herf Further update: Widgets and Notifications swipe down ok on the black screen and the bottom control panel swipes up.

    Not being a developer, I wonder if this is relevant:


  • Oh wow so it's not a color setting bug, but a UI one?

    We must have a UI problem with the Xcode beta...?

  • Just got updated to 9.2 beta 3 and Xcode 7.2 beta (7C62) --
    Not getting it to happen on an iPad mini 2 retina.

    Post any more details here.


  • So I installed the app and overall it works great. I do have one preference issue that I want to point out. It's possible that it's a bug or I simply don't understand how it's supposed to work. It's 12:39 am for me and my phone is running at 1900K but the "at night" setting is 3400K. I don't find the 1900K setting very conducive to using my device so I tried to change it to a higher setting but the app won't allow it. It won't even go to the 3400K it's set at. The only option I have is to disable it temporarily. Can you guys fix it so that the night time settings are adhered to?

    Followup: I just noticed that if I adjust the "when do you wake up" setting, the display hue changes to a different setting depending on what time I select. So how does the "when do you wake up" setting work with the "at night" setting/slider above? Am I missing something here?

  • Yep I even added this to the FAQ: (at the bottom).

    In the meantime just set "Dawn" and ignore the wake time feature until we make more UI for it...

  • @herf I downloaded the Xcode 7.2 beta 3 to build it for my 6S+ running 9.2 beta 3. When I tried to build it for my iPhone 5C it failed in a similar fashion so I switched over to 7.11 and the build worked fine.

  • @gbutts Can you post your Xcode version too?

  • @herf Xcode version 7.1.1 (7B1005). Updated today from App Store.

  • @herf So... I tried installing onto my iPhone 5S (16Gb, iOS 9.1 (13B143). Same issue as the older generation iPad.

    In this case however, because of the Lightning connector I assume, I was able to capture the screen using Voila.

    I am not familiar with XCode, however (after capturing this video) I noticed under the 2nd menu 'Deployment Info' options to change the 'Deployment' Target', 'Devices' and 'Main Interface'. Your installation instructions don't mention these options but I thought it may help if I customised them for my phone.

    I configured 'Deployment Target' to 9.1 (my iOS version) and 'Devices' to iPhone, reloaded and got the same black screen result. Setting 'Main Interface' to 'LaunchScreen' (the only option), made the app crash on opening. No splash screen or black screen.

    I hope all this helps.


  • Just wondering, is there a reason you don't recommend an Archive then install the IPA?

  • I am amazed. The ability to install f.lux via Sideloading is really great.

    I just tried installing it on my iPad an iPhone. iPad Air 1 works fine. Using my iPhone 5 I can confirm the black screen issue mentioned above. After trusting my dev profile an starting the app, the screen just turns black right after the splash screen. There is no dialog asking for location access or for sending notifications.

    If you need more information or help just email me. I'm studying computer science in Germany (so I may translate the UI), but did not yet write write applications in Xcode. So I'm not that experienced in debugging software with Xcode ;-)

  • I also get the black screen when trying to install from Xcode. Running Xcode 7.1 build 7B91b and latest public iOS (9.1).

  • Hi. Thanks for the app. Works great on iOS9.1/iPhone 6S. Question though, why all the background modes (Voice over IP, fetch, location)?

  • Ran into the black screen after launching after installing on my iPad mini.
    Rebooting device, force quitting did nothing.

    Cleaning project in Xcode and rebuilding seemed to resolve the issue.

  • Love the app and have been waiting for this since I stopped jailbreaking.

    As some one who isn't keen on all the notifications, unlock requests etc. - would you consider (or is there a way) to use Flux to put the screen in night mode and leave it there until I turn it off?

    I'd be willing to sacrifice the convenience of the automatic adjustments and just turn it on/off myself to avoid a bunch of notifications.

  • Doesn't work for me. Xcode displays an error message:

    “Could not find Developer Disk Image“

  • @supercat yes a couple requests for this. We will try to reduce the number of notifications a lot.

    Anyway - if you set wake time to "dawn" and day and night setting the same, it should suppress all notifications.

  • @rhysmorgan free accounts can't re-sign archives.

  • @chris048 this means your xcode is too old for your iOS version (I think).

  • Doing this on OS X 10.10.5 with XCode 7.1.1 results in "iPhone6 cannot run iflux. iflux does not have an architecture that iPhone 6 can execute." error.

    Should I change a setting?

    I had already set the target to "iPhone 6" before.

  • @hansooloo This is a Simulator, and you should select your actual device from the menu instead.

  • @atlauren yes we just notify you and you have to go rebuild.

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