Disabling flux notifications

  • I want to disable all the notifications for flux on Windows 10.
    In All Settings -> System -> Notifications and Actions, even when i switch off notifications for flux, after a few hours, another field is added for flux which is set to 'On'.

    0_1497674970215_Screenshot (1).png

    1_1497674970215_Screenshot (2).png

    As in the picture, now i have ten fields for flux, in which the last one is set to 'On'. If i switch even that to 'Off', notifications will be off for flux for a few hours upon which, another field is automatically added and is set to 'On', and the notifications will start again.

    I have Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) and f.lux version

    EDIT: I've uninstalled flux due to the annoying behaviour of its notifications. Creators update already has a fully functional "Night Mode", very much like flux which i've started using. I won't be using or recommending flux to anyone due to this behaviour.

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