Night time setting keeps defaulting to incandescent.

  • I use f.lux manually because I don't like to turn on my location services because of privacy issues. I simply set it for whatever level I want at a given time in the day or night.

    My problem is that it seems to read my daytime as night time and night time as the daytime. This means that at night I cannot set it to the lowest "candle" mode. If I try it keeps going back to incandescent. I'm actually not always sure what it's doing or what time it switches over between day and night, if that is what it's doing, but it seems to have a bit of a mind of its own even when using it manually.

    Does anybody know how I can fully control it manually so it doesn't do these things on its own?

    Thank you.

  • FYI, using the app as jailbreak tweak on 9.2.1

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