Parts of F.lux not working on Windows 10

  • Hi, I am having troubles with parts of F.lux on Windows 10. Certain parts won't dim at all and others will momentarily be their original colour before dimming. This makes it very annoying. The start menu doesn't dim at all. The right click and the mouse hover over menu(when you hover over a link and it previews what is in the thread on a forum) will momentarily be the original colour before flashing to the F.lux colour 1200k.

    I am using a GTX 660ti
    27" LG LCD
    using Pangobright to further dim monitor to 20% brightness
    Windows 10 professional

    I don't think any other specs matter do they?

  • Can you double-check that this is related to f.lux and not the other dimmer program? It doesn't sound like a bug related to f.lux.

  • Pago bright is not needed if it's a software dimming. You can hold ALT + Page Down and dim the screen. Also make sure the range is expanded in f.lux.

  • I figured out it was my Nvidia drivers that were not working when I upgraded to Windows 10. I downloaded a program to completely uninstall them, I rebooted, downloaded the drivers again, installed, rebooted, and now it works fine. All good now. Thanks for the ALT+pg down trick. Pangobright is no longer needed. Even the mouse cursor is properly shaded now. Woot!

  • @Noca

    Even the mouse cursor is properly shaded now. Woot!

    Well, that's cool, I have to turn on the Windows 7 magnifier, which I use a good bit anyway, but if I didn't do that, I'd turn on -1 mouse trails in the registry. So you're saying you can get the software colored mouse on Windows 10 w/o all that? What GPU do you have?