Darkroom Mode

  • I have been using f.lux for several months and it has reduced my migraines.

    I have found that darkroom mode works the best for me. I know it makes the screen look really funny. You have removed darkroom mode from the new f.lux. I have had to return to an old version and I've turned off updates so that I can keep the old version.
    Can you please put darkroom mode back into f.lux?

    I have choosen to donate to f.lux because I belive I should support the products that really help.

  • @wkartchner To activate darkroom mode, (in the new beta verison, and in 3.xx) use the menu. In 3.xx (3.10?) you would select "Darkroom mode". In the new 4.00-4.34, you'd go into the menu, "color effects" > darkroom mode.

    Alternatively, in the new 4x version, you can decrease screen brightness with ALT + Page Down, and once you go one step below the lowest brightness option, you'll activate darkroom mode, and it will be a very dark image as well. I would actually like an option to return the screen to full hardware brightness--my screen ha a special dynamic mode that I can activate to make the screen darker, without severely losing contrast on this setting.

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