How can I counteract f.lux settings with Color Settings?

  • I'm using f.lux on my primary (gaming) PC as well as a secondary (streaming) PC. I clone my primary monitor from my Gaming PC to use as a source on my 2nd PC.

    The trouble is, I need to "clean" this source of the F.lux effect so when it's broadcast to twitch the colors appear true (and people watching/my 2nd monitor doesn't get a "double f.lux" effect.

    Xsplit lets me adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation of a source, but I can't for the life of me find a combination that undoes the "warming" of f.lux.

    I was hoping someone muight have a better idea as to how I can approach it.

  • @RichJMoney said in How can I counteract f.lux settings with Color Settings?:

    I clone my primary monitor from my Gaming PC to use as a source on my 2nd PC.

    Can you please explain the exact connections, from point A to B here? I'm entirely lost as the way you describe this doesn't provide me enough detail to wrap my head around. What I absolutely need to understand is: what computer is the monitor plugged into when you say you "clone the primary monitor from the gaming PC"? That just baffles me as you say you have two computers to work with, but you're cloning a display from one computer, to what seems like a completely separate computer.

    The next part of that is "to use as a source on my 2nd PC" how is this even possible? How many monitors do you have--just one, or does each computer have a monitor?

    So you're streaming your desktop to a second computer--got it! You won't find a hue setting to undue the color of f.lux--the colors are already changed, green, and even more heavily, blue, have been reduced, and you will not be able to re-increase them with these style settings.

    Would it be possible to disable f.lux on the second PC and maybe that will make some difference? I'm not familiar with streaming so I probably won't be much help.

  • @Tungsten_smooth

    He doesn't want to have f.lux affect the broadcast to Twitch. Sure, he could just disable f.lux on his computer, but then he wouldn't have the blue-blocking effect of f.lux on his side. So the problem is that, when f.lux changes the color, it changes the color for the broadcast to Twitch as well, but he wants to see if there's a way to get the broadcast to be unaffected by f.lux. That way, anyone looking at the stream won't be forced to be looking at his f.lux setting. He wants it to look as though he's not using f.lux.

    I don't know if there's a way though; I'm just trying to help us understand what he wants.

  • @TwoCables yup.

    I'm using a 2nd PC with a capture card so technically if I could control f.flux on a per monitor basis it would be a simple solution (which seems to have been a feature requested for years by a quick google search).

    My setup in total for video is two PCs. The first is my Gaming PC with 4 outputs. 3 Monitors and the Capture card. The primary monitor is replicated onto the Capture Card output simply through windows "replicate these displays".

    My streaming PC has the capture card installed and can grab that 4th output, it then has its own Monitor output.

    I run Xsplit on the streaming PC and use the Capture card as the primary video source. If I run f.lux on my Gaming PC all 4 outputs are affected so my primary stream video source has the flux effect. If I stream directly from the gaming PC there isn't be any effect because the video source never hits an "output" before being used as a source. However my setup means I'm using a source the has the f.lux effect applied. I can adjust the hue, color, brightness, etc as a source in Xsplit, but I'd have to go through a plethora of permutations to find the right combo.

    If F.lux allowed per-monitor control it'd be a none-issue and if the actual use effects being applied to the monitor input were documented beyond "warming" the. I could probably figure it out.

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