Site/Enterprise licensing

  • We have a substantial number of users that use f.lux, and would like to make the software part of our corporate image. We've tested a configuration with the software preinstalled but disabled, and it works fantastically well. Folks who want to use it just need to launch it once, and those who don't can just ignore it.

    I sent an email to several weeks ago about getting a site license, and also recently filled out the form at /enterprise. I'm just looking to buy a license to make sure we're compliant. Has anyone done this successfully? How much does it cost?

  • Anything? I literally just want to give you money in exchange for your blessing and nothing else. When the other enterprise features come around, great. For now I'm perfectly happy to deploy as-is.

  • We'll have something available very soon -- sorry about the delay. I will look for your email now since it's a better place to have this conversation!

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