color profile problem when using google chrome

  • Dear f.lux community,

    When I click on a different tab on google chrome, the color reloads. Sometimes it stays bright white. I set the color to persistent. The rest of my computer will stay correctly colored by f.lux. But only google chrome will turn back to it's burn your eyes out white. Help would be appreciated.

    I tried the windows and windows beta version of f.lux. Firefox works correctly. Maybe I should just switch off using chrome...

    Computer: Lenovo yoga. Graphics card: Integrated graphics and nvidia 940.

  • Perhaps you disabled f.lux for Chrome?

  • Lorna is right because if you disable f.lux for an application, it applies to just one specific executable (.exe) because almost all programs run with just one executable, but Google Chrome opens a separate executable for each tab. So this means that when you switch to a new tab, you're actually switching to a different executable, and from the perspective of the current beta version of f.lux, this is a completely different application. So yeah, more work needs to be done on the new beta of f.lux to "teach" it how to handle Google Chrome.

    So, just remember that it works like this: the last executable that was in focus before you opened the f.lux menu is the executable that f.lux will disable for if you tell f.lux to disable for it. So in Google Chrome, this also applies to each tab. Switching to a new tab in Chrome switches to a different executable.

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