My f.lux broke and I can't figure out why [elementaryOS]

  • I installed f.lux via ppa yesterday, and it worked seamlessly. Now I get f.lux indicator applet in my Applications drawer, and the f.lux icon appears in the top right of my screen, but it doesn't work. xflux doesn't work either; it just says "Sorry, we only support 8 and 10-bit displays right now." I uninstalled and reinstalled according to this guide; but no results.

    Can someone tell me where to find the logs so I can post additional information here? Also, I heard that nVidia drivers can brick f.lux; how do you install your nVidia drivers?

  • Please refer to this thread and attempt to use the xflux11 or xflux12 binaries first. Make sure to post a reply to that thread if either of those work for you.

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