Diamondtron CRT, the red is skewing the rest of the graph (too high)

  • I've made a cropped image that just takes off about half the red where the first very deep red spike stops, would you like me to clean this up, keeping the number etc, and sending them to you?

    Daylight image, cropped

    2300K image, cropped at the 3rd, shortest red spike.

    I can probably overlay the same pattern underneath the image for the gridlines, and I'll keep the top bar and numbers. The goal is to see the real red content without the graph being so short. It would ideally be as tall as daylight to really show off the color spectrum. Would this be too inaccurate, or is there a way to show that the red was cutoff?

  • LOL! No, I do not suppose bezel color is part of TCO certification. except it changed into neon or some thing equally garish, which could simply reason eye stress. big grin

    Does Mitsu even have a $1500 supplying? My desire would tend closer to widescreen, so even though the F520 may be technically advanced, the W900 is technically sweeter. huge grin BTW, I caught a glimpse of the Apple 22" lcd: eek

    Dell video display units are properly-reviewed IME. Did you take a look at computer magazine/laptop global/CADalyst/CADmag/CNet/ZDNet/and so forth/and so forth/and many others? here's an excellent roundup.

    I can not discover the 793 on Dell's website, just the 792, which makes use of a FD Trinitron tube. ugly bezel.