Wont change colors on Windows 7

  • I have tried everything I can think of to get f.lux to work on my new work desktop. I have reinstalled it, I've messed around with some display settings, and a few other things. Basically nothing is working. I do have administrator privileges so I can make any changes necessary to fix this. If anyone can help me out with this that would be greatly appreciated it. I love f.lux and have it on most of my other, mac, devices.

  • What's your video card / driver version? (And tell us about your monitor too)

  • Also, if you need help finding this info, an easy way to get this information is by going to "Start orb" > All > Accessories > System Tools > "System Information".
    In System Information > Compentents, expand it > "Display".

    Another way, a bit faster is, start> "dxdiag" and if it asks a question, I think yes it the better option. Go to "Display" second tab, and it even lists the monitor model as well, so this may be a better option.

    The fastest way to get the monitor model number is to right click the desktop and go to "Screen Resolution".

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