Even during the day or when disabled, there's a white overlay onscreen that makes colors look lighter and more washed out

  • I tried installing f.lux a while ago, ran into this problem, and I was too lazy to ask support about it, so I just uninstalled it. Now, I'm trying it again, but the problem is still there. I was hoping it would've been fixed by now, but no dice.

    As soon as f.lux is activated, such as when first installed or when turning on after a restart, I notice that that colors on screen become noticably lighter and less saturated. The problem goes away after an uninstall. Exiting the application doesn't fix it.

    This happens even during daylight hours and when "Disable for one hour" is checked.

    It's not really that significant an issue in the long term, but I'm really annoyed by it. I like having my colors look as they're supposed to.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Edit: This happens on both the regular release and the beta version

  • @gab_cab Can you post these things too?

    1. your windows version and
    2. what kind of GPU it is?
    3. Also if you go to the "Color Management" control panel, if there are any profiles in the "Devices" tab?

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  • @herf Sorry, forgot to include that in the original post.

    Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 750 TI

    There's a profile labelled "LG HD (default)"

    I'd assume that's because my monitor is LG.

  • Can you email the profile to us? If you can't get to it from the control panel, try C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color

    justgetflux at gmail thanks :)

  • @herf sent

  • Sounds similar to my problem here:

    But I have only noticed this in the beta.

  • @gab_cab thanks! the profile you sent specifies an additional gamma of about 1.39! Which means "make the midtones a whole lot lighter". I loaded it on a Mac too, to check, and it made the screen look washed out like you describe.

    My advice is that f.lux is probably doing the right thing here and you should probably remove the profile if you don't want your screen to look like that.

    I think what's going on is there are many things in Windows that keep profiles from staying loaded, and f.lux is quite a bit more insistent about keeping your profile actually loaded and on the screen.

  • @herf Wow, that worked! Thanks!

  • Hello everyone! Got exactly the same problem. @herf I couldn't get what profile should I remove to fix that? Can you help me please. Thx!

  • @herf Hello everyone! Got exactly the same problem. I couldn't get what profile should I remove to fix that? Can you help me please. Thx!

  • Look in Control Panel > Color Management > Devices and see what's there?

  • @herf ok I see some icc profile called lg ipsfullhd at the screen menu, it's only one there. Should I delete it?

  • @dimakoss Before deleting, I would probably move it to a folder, if you can see it here:

    The other person in this thread had an LG profile also, and it definitely had this large gamma correction, which most monitors should not need. (But which would cause the washout effect!)

    The profile may have useful data about the monitor's color range, so you may have luck finding another one from LG's website.

  • @herf It's much better now, thx! And it works better at the night mode either. Also, I deleted profile from the color manager and all files at color folder still there so I can add it back the same way. Now it's perfect, you guys awesome!

  • I installed the new Windows and I noticed that display is darker than on the old OS. It's strange, but I like the light display.
    I discovered that if I delete HD graphics 530 driver, then display is getting light. But then Windows automatically install the new driver and it's backing dark.
    I thought it was a bug in the new drivers. But later I understand that my display is dark because I didn't install f.lux.
    Now I don't know either light or dark display is normal, but light is much more comfortable for me.

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