81yo writer still on xp

  • I have an 81yo parent who loves writing but can't stand windows updates. They are still using a 15yo windows xp pc not connected to the internet. Is there a way to add f.lux to their computer without internet. Their screen time use is significantly compromising their sleep cycle and overall health. Thanks.

  • Yeah. Put the installer onto a flash drive. I think you can even manually configure the Location in f.lux too. If the computer doesn't have any USB ports, then I don't know.

  • Hi, thanks so much. Before I try, can you please confirm if current download will work on old windows xp, and also that it won't mess up xp? I tried installing other software before that messed up xp. Reinstalling xp isn't bad. Messing up an 81yo's pc not the happiest of times.

  • I haven't seen anyone reporting any problems with XP after installing f.lux.

  • Awesome! Thanks so much.

  • You're welcome.

    Give the Beta a shot too. It's pretty good.

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