Set night time manually.

  • Hi,
    I live in northern europe where we have big difference between sunset time in winter and summer.
    I go to bed always at 22:00 whatever if it is in winter or summer.
    In winter we have sunset at 16 and in summer we have sunset at 21:40.

    I wanted to have night setting about 2 hours before my bed time, which is at 20.

    I am using version 4 beta.
    I know about "is my earliest wake up time" option, but I can't find where to set manually, "is my bed time" option. I also know that I could change my location. But these options require me to fiddle with the software.
    Why can't we just set manually, when I want "nigh time" to kick in. I don't want to rely on my location, because it differs too much between summer and winter.

    In IOS on my iPhone i can set "night shift" to kick in exactly when I want (which is at 20:00 each day, no matter if it is summer or winter), can we have similar option here ?

  • @fuzzy186 regardless of season or bedtime, f.lux is designed to dim the lights at the correct time to allow you a full melatonin cycle. This happens nightly, starting at the onset of darkness, and is related to but independent of bedtime. It needs about 9-10 hours of darkness to complete and it's based off your wake time. So whenever you want to go to bed, you go to bed, but f.lux tries to remove the light that messes up your rhythm at the right time. If you want to post the schedule you'd like, we can help you get as close to that as possible.

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