Would you please list the keyboard shortcuts in the FAQ? At least the Alt-End to disable flux

  • Darkroom mode is unreadable in my computer. The biggest problem is that I must find the shortcut to disable flux (Alt-End) and it is very hard to discover it. I google in my phone and there is just a bunch of pages discussing how hard is to find a good shortcut.

    This info should be in the FAQ, An easier to read in mobile faq page would also be nice.

    Thanks for the nice software!

  • @neves There is a problem with AMD-GPUs. So if you own one, then you should just try to avoid Darkroom mode.
    For me it just works fine.

  • The keyboard shortcut is mentioned in the f.lux options where you toggle the shortcuts on and off.

  • Due to a bug in f.lux, I couldn't see anything in my screen. It was impossible to reach the options. I tried to use my mobile phone to discover how to disable f.lux and it was very hard to find it. I needed to reboot my machine.

    I think the FAQ is a nice place to have the shortcuts.

    BTW, with this post I was trying to create a page with the shortcut to disable it.

  • I was being extremely insensitive to the fact that you couldn't see anything. I apologize for that. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I'm very sorry.

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