Any way to set the keyboard shortcut to manual enable/disable? (not for just an hour)

  • Hello to everyone on the forum. I love this software but it seems strange there is no option to manually activate and deactivate it. The default alt+end shortcut just disables it for an hour.
    I do video editing and play some games so I need to turn it off these times. I dont want to be reminded that I wasted an hour gaming and feel bad about myself when I have to turn it on again. :(

    Anyone found some file tweak or anything really to enable/disable the application manualy?

    Thanks in advance.

  • No, but you could just move the slider to 6500K. Or, you can choose "Disable until sunrise" instead.

  • There is no keyboard shortcut for disabling until sunrize and if not on a shortcut its kinda useless if i have to right click on the icon i can just exit and reopen it, doesnt save much time.

    I dont understand whats the point of "disable for an hour" anyway I wish the application had more options for key shortcuts.

  • Let's be honest: how much effort and time does it really take to just move the slider to 6500K until you're done using 6500K? I mean really.

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