f.lux resets NVIDIA's deskotp color settings.

  • Is there a wait to use f.lux without it resetting my NVIDIA settings? I have Brightness and Contrast set to 55% and 25%, respectively (Gamma's set to 1.00), but when I use f.lux, it resets everything back what 50% on everything would look like.

    It doesn't really reset it as much as it overrides it to the default settings because "NVIDIA Control Panel" tells the Brightness and Contrast levels are still on 55% and 25%, respectively, even though they aren't.

    If I revert back to "Other applications control color settings" (aka default settings), nothing changes. But if I then click on "Use NVIDIA settings" (aka go back to my custom levels), it changes back to the brightness and contrast levels I want, only to be overwritten by f.lux again only 2-3 seconds later.

  • I think it is not possible. F.lux overrides the color settings according to your preferences.

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