flux does not dim VLC videos

  • All of the panels are dimmed, but the video itself is not. Considering that I use flux specifically to watch videos at night, this is quite a big problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Bumping the topic. Anyone? :)

  • Then you have VLC selected. You can click on f.lux in the menubar and chose "Disable -> for current app"

    I'm version 39.984 of f.lux

  • Thanks for your reply! Perhaps you misunderstood - I don't wan't f.lux disabled when watching videos on VLC - I want the opposite :) As I wrote in my first post - f.lux dims every program except VLC for some reason.

  • :) I understood you but my answer was not clear.

    If f.lux gets disabled when you select VLC it looks like this:


    In your case you have to remove the checkmark that disables f.lux when VLC is selected.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Unfortunately, that doesn't do anything. Must be some obscure driver problem or something. Thanks for your replies anyway!

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